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Our products are

Good for You

Our soups are full of proteins and fibre while our powders are full of vitamins to keep you healthy. All of our products are low is salt, sugar-free, GMO-free, and preservative-free.

Good for the Planet

All of our products come in reusable glass jars to eliminate waste as much as possible. As well, we use only certified organic ingredients.

Good for Your Family

Quick and easy to make (seriously, just add water!) so you can spend more time with your loved ones and less time in the kitchen. The best part? Our products are all gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, and vegan so every member of the family can enjoy it.

What they say about us

Hi there!

I just made the smoked red split lentil soup and it’s amazing! The longer you leave sitting the better it taste! I also added chicken for my husband’s sake and he really enjoyed it!

Priscilla, ON

I picked up Allin Mikuna’s Yellow Split Pea Curry Soup Mix at Toronto’s 2016 Green Living Show. This was my first time trying their soup mix and I was so impressed. It was super flavourful and filling, and so easy to make – I couldn’t stop eating it!

Elena, Hamilton, ON

I first tasted the Allin Mikuna Soups in mid-February 2016. I was attracted to the fact that these dry-ingredient soups were organic, with high quality ingredients, glass jar packing and clear, precise labelling and ingredient information. Additionally, they presented a very simple and quick one-step preparation method.

This was important to me as a Registered Nutritionist who works with cancer patients that require optimal nutrition/ingredients in record time. Of course I wanted to try them myself before I recommended them to my clients. I was immediately impressed with the taste and how satisfying they are.

Since that first try, I now order by the case for my own personal consumption, making sure that I enjoy a variety of the Allin Mikuna soups each week. I am recommending them to my cancer patients who are not well enough to cook and also to anyone who needs more healthy protein and nutrients than they would normally be able to consume in an average 4 course meal. (Less food on the digestive system during illness is always best). No sugar, no excess salt, no animal contamination, no dairy, no pesticides or flavors or contaminants of any kind.

This product is a powerhouse of nutrition for anyone who has a chronic health condition. I highly recommend it as one of the top 5 daily ‘meal’ inclusions for patients.

Jeanette Marshall, Founder/Director National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches

Had someone give me 3 jars of the soup. Pea ginger, Curry and the original one I believe. Made the original one today, and i cannot believe the scent it gave to the house and how delicious it was. Literally made me sweat afterwards, with so much energy and feeling hot…totally going to have this soup again, also recommending others to try it.

Rose, ON

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